Can't debug protractor in Webstorm (it just hangs)

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I’ve got an Angular project that I’ve written a protractor test against, and can’t seem to get debugging to work in Webstorm. When I click the Run for my Prototype configuration, it tests successfully. But if I try the Debug button, I get something in the Variables window along the lines of:

--!  Connected to

But it just hangs there – no further processing, and no browser window launched. Is there something I need to configure to get this working?

How to solve :

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Method 1

That was a Protractor issue, which should be fixed now:

“Fix is in – should be out next release. Thanks for your patience, everyone.” – @juliemr

from GitHub issue #552

EDIT: Released in 0.20.0 version! (0.20.1 for Windows users). See Protractor changelog.

Method 2

Try watching this video and let me know if it works.

Update: this is a bug in 19 / 20.1

Try using an older version until it gets resolved.

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