Best way for deploy angular.js application made with yeoman?

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I´m building application SPA using angular.js with yeoman which connect with a API RESTful made in Java using spring-MVC . i´m begginer for deploy web applications in angular and so i want to know some differents alternatives or best practice , for example deploy in http-server as apache, inside war using application-server as tomcat , or another option or suggestions .

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Method 1

Then your frontend code is production-ready, just run $ grunt build
and serve static resources produced by Yeoman (Grunt in fact) by the very same server that is responsible for providing the backend of your app.

take a look at my answer to similar question, showing project structure and some necessary configuration for Yeoman & Spring-MVC.

In some more advanced deployments scenarios, there might be a need for introducing load-balancing and you might need separate servers for the frontend and backend, but we are talking about basic config here.

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