AngularJS – Unknown provider: groupByFilterProvider <- groupByFilter

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I have a array of object. I need to group the data by one field and show the result in an HTML table.


        id: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d84",
        text: "Data Sources",
        topParentId: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d84",
        topParentText: "Data Sources"
        id: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d83",
        text: "Applications",
        topParentId: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d83",
        topParentText: "Applications"
        id: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d82",
        text: "Analytics",
        topParentId: "559e2bbc9a496034557d6d83",
        topParentText: "Applications"

From this I need to create an HTML table like this (grouping data by topParentId):

Group            |       Tags
Data Sources     |      Data Sources
Applications     |      Applications   Analytics

So far I have done this:

 <table class="table table-bordered">
              </tr >
              <tr ng-repeat="tag in topic.tags | groupBy: 'topParentId'">

But after running this code, I am getting Unknown provider: groupByFilterProvider <- groupByFilter error.

I am using AngularJs 1.2

How to solve :

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Method 1

As mentionned by @jhadesdev orderBy is available out of the box, but not groupBy.
It is included in angular-filter

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