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I don’t know why but I’m finding it really difficult to get my head around setting up a JavaScript test using AngularJS.

I have my app.js, controller.js plus a number of other files for Ajax, Storage services, filters etc. My app works fine but I want to learn how to do E2E and unit testing.

I think I need to create a standalone HTML page that runs my tests, but I’m not sure, I’m also not sure which extra JavaScript files/libraries I might need.

Is there an AngularJS test example I could use to get the initial set-up?

Ideally I’d like to run the JS tests I create from within Visual Studio 2012…but that’s a nice to have!

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Method 1

I find this tutorial a good start.

It not only teaches how to do unit testing but also E2E and a special one …Midway testing. A good reference IMHO.

Method 2

I recomend you to look at angular-seed project.
It has e2e test already setup.

Method 3

AngularJS dev guide has a complete page on the subject:

There is also a blog post mentioning a sample app in github including Testacular tests here:

Hope it helps.

Method 4

Angular Test Patterns is worth looking into as well. There are examples in both CoffeeScript and JavaScript for testing Controllers, Services, Directives and Filters. As well as ideas on how to use Mocks, End-to-End tests etc.

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