AngularJS + Protractor wait for all ajax calls to end / full page load, before running the tests

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Is there a better way to wait until all page is loaded,

my angular pages are loaded with promise, it means that if all ajaxs call haven’t ended yet
there is a loader on the screen.

i’m currently using ptor.sleep(10000), like in the following example:

    ptor = protractor.getInstance();
    driver = ptor.driver;

is there a better way to do it?

How to solve :

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Method 1

If you’re using ng-if to hide/show your content when loading starts/finishes, you can use the following syntax to wait until a certain element appears on the page (i.e. ng-if will prevent the element from being in the DOM until the page finishes loading):

ptor.findElement('element-only-shown-after-loading')).then(function (myElement) {
    // Your page should be loaded at this point

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