AngularJS – ngOptions: How to order by Group Name and then by Label

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Let’s assume I have the following data array in this form:

var data = [{group:GroupA, label: BB}, {group:GroupB, label: DD}.....].

My binding would be something like:

<select data-ng-options="c as c.label group by for c in data"></select>

I would like the dropdown to list all the items with GroupA before GroupB while having them also sorted under each group.

Something like this:



I know I can use the orderBy Angular filter, but that doesn’t really work the way I need. My guess is I have to write a custom filter that manually orders the list the way I want, but I was wondering if there is an easier way to accomplish the task.

How to solve :

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Method 1

orderBy can take an array of multiple parameters to order by. So you can do:

c as c.label group by for c in data | orderBy:['group','label']

Here is a fiddle

Method 2

It seems like orderBy would work exactly like you want.

Just take your expression and add the orderBy at the end:

c as c.label group by for c in data | orderBy:'label'

This will first order the data array by the value of each item’s label property, and then group them. Because the data will have been ordered correctly, each group will show up sorted correctly.

Here’s a fiddle.

Note how the initial array is defined in backwards order, but is sorted correctly in each group in the select.

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