AngularJS how to create a reusable template for Bootstrap modal

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So I am using the AngularJS Bootstrap modal ( Which is working fine but I was wondering if I could create a basic template that can take in a title and the content.

Then it would populate my template with these info. The template would have a close button, cancel button, overlay, etc. Is there an easy way to do this AngularJS?

This is taken from the example and it’s about what I have. My content is in the templateUrl. It would be nice to pass in the modal template so I don’t have to keep recreating the title and close buttons for every modal I create.

var modalInstance = ${
  templateUrl: 'myModalContent.html',
  controller: ModalInstanceCtrl,
  size: size,
  resolve: {
    items: function () {
      return $scope.items;

How to solve :

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Method 1

Found a way to do it with directives. It opens up a modal with a custom directive that has a template. Then whatever you have in your modal will be inserted into your custom template. This is nice because it holds more than just a message. It can be filled with forms, alert, or anything you want.

This was my directive:

  app.directive('modalDialog', function() {
    return {
      restrict: 'E',
      replace: true,
      transclude: true,
      link: function(scope) {
        scope.cancel = function() {
        "<div>" +
          "<div class='modal-header'>" +
            "<h3 ng-bind='dialogTitle'></h3>" +
            "<div ng-click='cancel()'>X</div>" +
          "</div>" +
          "<div class='modal-body' ng-transclude></div>" +

Modal (‘yourTemplate.html’):

  <div> Your body/message </div>


app.controller('YourController', ['$scope', '$modal', function($scope, $modal) {
  $scope.openModal = function () {
      templateUrl: 'yourTemplate.html',
      controller: ModalController

var ModalController = function ($scope, $modalInstance) {
  $scope.dialogTitle = 'Your title';

Method 2

Checkout John Papa’s Hot Towel Angular BootStrap “template”. You can pick it up from there:

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