Angularjs: how to close ng-if in comment block?

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<div ng-if="true">visible</div> is pretty easy, but since ngIf can be used even in comments, what would be the closing </div> for comment block?

Tried, w/o luck:

<!-- ng-if: true -->
<!-- ng-if -->


How to solve :

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Method 1

ng-if is restricted to 'A'. so it can be used only as attribute, you can’t use in comment Here’s the angularjs code for ngIf

var ngIfDirective = ['$animate', function($animate) {
  return {
    transclude: 'element',
    priority: 600,
    terminal: true,
    restrict: 'A',       // --> This means restricting to Attribute

The restrict option is typically set to: 'E','A','C','M'

One of EACM restricts the directive to a specific directive declaration style. If you don't restrict any, the defaults (elements and attributes) are used.

E – Element name (default): <my-directive></my-directive>

A – Attribute (default): <div my-directive="exp"></div>

C – Class: <div class="my-directive: exp;"></div>

M – Comment: <!-- directive: my-directive exp -->

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