AngularJS ForEach push new item into object

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I have a JavaScript object which has a list of retailers

var listRetailers = [
{"url":"", "img":"images/1logo.jpg"},
 {"url":"", "img":"images/2logo.gif"},
 {"url":"", "img":"images/3logo.gif"},

I would like to PUSH a new key:value into each item:

object.push("storeNumber": "1");

So the updated JavaScript object will be

var listRetailers = [
{"url":"", "img":"images/1logo.jpg", "storeNumber":"1"},
 {"url":"", "img":"images/2logo.gif", "storeNumber":"1"},
 {"url":"", "img":"images/3logo.gif", "storeNumber":"1"},

Within my angular controller I have

$scope.retailers = listRetailers ;

angular.forEach($scope.retailers, function(obj){
          obj.push("storeNumber": "1");

The error states: Object # has no method ‘push’

What am I missing here?

How to solve :

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Method 1

That’s because obj refers to your retailer object and is not an array. If you want to add properties to it, you can just define them using either the bracket [] notation, or by using the dot . notation.

angular.forEach($scope.retailers, function(obj){

   //Using bracket notation
   obj["storeNumber"] = 1;

   //Using dot notation
   obj.storeNumber = 1;


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