AngularJS – dependent dropdowns: storing one value in model, using other as source of the next dropdown

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I have two dependent dropdowns. One shows countries another states.
I would like the first one to save just the country id but use the entire object as source
for the second dropdown. Here’s what I have so far. There could potentially be many of these dropdowns in a same screen so that could complicate things because I would need to duplicate temporary variables(countrySource). Any suggestions?

<select name="country" ng-model="countrySource" ng-options="cntr as cntr.label for cntr in countries" ng-change="">

<select name="state" ng-model="state" ng-options=" as st.label for st in countrySource.states">

How to solve :

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Method 1

To keep things simple you can restructure your model as below where the keys act as ids:

$scope.countries = {
    "c1" : {
        label : "Country 1",        
                label:"State 1"             
            "s2" : {
                label:"State 2"             
    "c2" : {
        label:"Country 2",      
                label:"State 3"             
            "s4" : {
                label:"State 4"             


<select ng-model="country" ng-options="countryId as countryDetails.label 
for (countryId, countryDetails) in countries">

<select name="state" ng-model="state" ng-options="stateId as stateDetails.label 
for (stateId, stateDetails) in countries[country]['states']">

If by duplicate temporary variables(countrySource), you mean to use the same models for other dropdowns, selecting a country would change the options of all the country and state dropdowns on the page.

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