Angular.js ng-switch —testing if value is empty or undefined

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In Angular.js templating, I need to test if a value is undefined or empty…. I am not sure how to do this since ng-switch-when tests for expressions in strings. I needed to use ng-switch because it’s a if else condition. Any ideas?

<div ng-switch="vipLabel">
  <div ng-switch-when="vipLabel.toString()">
    <h1>Getting sec</h1>
    <div ng-switch-default>
      <h3>Do you wish to unbind {{node.label}} from {{ vipLabel }}?</h3>

How to solve :

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Method 1

ng-switch allows expressions, you can use placeholder, as such:

<div ng-switch="selection || '_undefined_'" >      
      <span ng-switch-when="_undefined_">I am set to zero or undefined?!</span>      
      <span ng-switch-default>This string is not empty</span>

For more info: ng-switch on empty string

You usually do it within controller(see answer#1 in linked thread).

Method 2

<div ng-switch="!!selection">
   <div ng-switch-when="false">Empty, Null or undefined</div>
   <div ng-switch-when="true">The string is not empty</div>

Method 3

Following solution would also work (using angular 1.3.10):

<div ng-switch="selection">
    <div ng-switch-default>The string is not empty!</div>
    <div ng-switch-when="undefined">The string is empty!</div>

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