Angular – How can I remove from the DOM an element I have used $compile on?

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What I need is the functionality of two ng-views. Because I can’t I want to change the innerHTML of something and compile it. The problem I have is when I change the content again, I can compile, but does angular remove the binding on it’s own, or I do I have to do it manually, if so, how?

EDIT: Explaining

I want to make a modal, whose content I can change and bind to different scopes (hence the $compile). But I don’t want to destroy the whole modal, just some of its content, and change to another. My main doubt is if by removing some compiled HTML it can lead to memory leaks.


For this problem, I created a new child scope (with $new) and destroyed it whenever I changed the content.
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How to solve :

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Method 1

To manually remove the element do an element.remove(). Sounds like you also want to destroy the scope of your compiled element so you can do that too by doing scope.$destroy(); or $scope.$destroy(); depending on if you’re in a directive or not.$rootScope.Scope#$destroy

Method 2

Thanks for you good solution. I’ve just posted some implement code

.directive('modal', function($templateCache, $compile) {
    return function(scope, element, attrs) {
        var currentModalId = attrs.modalId;
        var templateHtml = $templateCache.get(attrs.template);
        var modalScope, modalElement;

        scope.$on('modal:open', function(event, modalId) {
            if(modalId == null || currentModalId === modalId) {

        scope.$on('modal:close', function(event, modalId) {
            if(modalId == null || currentModalId === modalId) {

        function openModal() {
            // always use raw template to prevent ng-repeat directive change previous layout
            modalElement = $(templateHtml);

            // create new inherited scope every time open modal
            modalScope = scope.$new(false);

            // link template to new inherited scope of modal

            modalElement.on('', function() {
                if(modalScope != null) {
                    // destroy scope of modal every time close modal

                show: true,
                backdrop: 'static'

        function closeModal() {
            if(modalElement != null) {

Method 3

The solution for this problem is creating a new child scope. All bindings with parent scope work because of scope Inheritance. When I need to change the content, I simply destroy the child scope, avoiding memory leaks.

I’ve also made and getter and setter methods for the child scope to avoid poluting que parent scope, in case the other content uses disposable variables

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