What is difference between tools:text and android:text in android

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i just came to know that we can set the text by using tools:text=”toolsText”.
before this i was using android:text=”androidText”.

Please tell me
1.what are differences between these two feature
2.which one is best to use
3.What are there effect during ui rendering

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Method 1

  1. tools:text="toolsText" is used only for Android Studio layout preview, it doesn’t show text when you run an app. It’s perfect, when you don’t want to set a text until you do some calculations, and only then set text programmatically by yourself in activity, also you want to see preview layout when you write code in Android Studio, how it will look like when you run an app.
  2. android:text="androidText" is used to set text to a layout element, textView or a button etc.

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