setContextPath() not found

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I am trying to use the library Porcupine on Android. I have now downloaded a Rhino context file (.rhn) but can’t find a way how to implement that file into my code.

The documentation says that I should use setContextPath() but this gives me the error:

Cannot resolve method ‘setContextPath’ in ‘Builder’

That’s how I tried it:

try {
    porcupineManager = new PorcupineManager.Builder()

I don’t know what this method is good for since I can’t even find it in its class.

So how can I use my .rhn file?

How to solve :

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Method 1

In the sample code from the link you provide, this method is called on different class:

PicovoiceManager picovoiceManager = new PicovoiceManager.Builder()

you use PorcupineManager while sample code uses PicovoiceManager.

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